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So... what's it all about then?

Morris 18-30 provides a network for young Morris Men. Its primary activity is to organise an annual weekend, hosted by a Morris Ring side, to which all young Morris Men are invited. Morris 18-30 also seeks to represent the views of all young Morris Men.

The aim is to encourage a group of energetic young men who, whilst representing their own local teams, can dance together to push the Morris Ring into the future.

A bit of history

The annual Morris 18-30 weekend began in 2002. It was the idea of Alastair Hutchinson and Graham Hubbard, both of whom have danced for the majority of their lifetimes. Realising that there are loads of young chaps out there dancing with teams all over the country they thought it sensible to get them all together.

The weekend is hosted by a different morris team around October each year. The host side is encouraged to help as much as possible towards the weekend (with food, beer, best dancing spots, etc) but have little input to dancing, playing, singing and drinking.

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Men attending the Morris 18-30 weekend proudly wear their local side's kit, and should be inspired to go back and recruit young blood to their own teams. As the years pass, an increasing number of teams are able to send full sides of men.

At Days of Dance and Ales people rarely mingle properly and get to know other guys outside their own side. The initial intention of Morris 18-30 (and still the most important) is to get young dancers together to simply have a great weekend, dance, drink and have a laugh. But it also serves the purpose to showing people what morris can be like with a set of energetic under-thirties jumping about.

Shoppers in towns and cities across the country certainly seem to notice that it's Morris, but that something is different. We basically 'kick more ass' than most Morris teams they'd seen before. We hope to raise the profile of the Morris and encourage young guys to dance!

The Weekends

It's for any type of Morris, though mostly Cotswold dancers turn up. It would be great to see others there to dance, play or just for the crack. There is time and space for scratch Rapper/North West/Border/etc teams to practise show dances as well as us Cotswold lot.

It's all very informal and relaxed, don't worry about turning up by yourself - everybody else is in the same boat and so you get chatting to everyone quickly, especially after a few beers.

Each weekend has its own ideas, but basically Friday night is chance to meet everyone and run though some dances, Saturday is the main day of dance - a walking tour of the town or city you have travelled to. On Sunday the host team will invite other local sides to join in for the grand finale! If you don't meet the criteria, you are more than welcome in kit on the Sunday, and to come and watch us on the Saturday, but civies only please!

Have a look at the reviews and replies from previous years, flick through the photos and see who (people and their sides) has attended in the past. If you have any questions, just contact us, and we'll see you there!

Want to know more, here's our Frequently Asked Questions...

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